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St Louis Grammar

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151 newry Road


County Down

BT34 4EU

Principal: Mr. Kevin Martin

028 4176 2747

028 4176 0303

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Form Classes

Year 8

Mr Sloan

Form Class Tutor
8A Mr Quail
8B Mrs Calderwood
8C Miss mcCullagh
8D Mrs Sloan

Year 9

Mr Monaghan

Form Class Tutor
9A Mr Moan
9B Miss Rodgers
9C Mr Quigg
9D Mrs T. Cunningham

Year 10

Mr Morgan

Form Class Tutor
10A Mrs Black
10B Mrs Speers
10C Mrs Feely
10D Mrs Annett

Year 11

Miss Clarke

Form Class Tutor
11A Mr McAuley
11B Mrs C. Lynch
11C Mr McAleenan
11D Miss Seed

Year 12

Mr Donnelly

Form Class Tutor
12A Mrs McMullan
12B Mrs Owens
12C Ms King
12D Miss Koquert

Year 13

Miss McGivern

Form Class Tutor
13A Mr McVeigh
13B Mrs Downey
13C Mrs Colgan
13D Mrs R Lynch

Year 14

Mrs B Cunningham

Form Class Tutor
14A Mrs McAteer
14B Mr Jordan Rafferty
14C Mrs Grant
14D Mrs McDonagh

Senior Management


Mr K. Martin

Vice Principal

Miss A carr

Senior teachers

Mr F Loye (Head of Pastoral / Head of Junior School)

Mr T Brown (Head of Middle School)

Mr E McGlue (Head of Senior School)

Board of Governors

Sr Mary O'Connor - Chairperson / Trustee Representative

Mrs Maria Donnelly - Trustee Representative

Mr Mark Hardy - Trustee Representative

Mr Daniel Curran - DE Representative

Mr Brendan Cunningham - DE Representative

Mrs Nuala Cunningham - DE Representative

Mr Sean Donnelly - Teacher Representative

Mr Raymond Sloan - Parent Representative

Mr Kevin Martin - Principal & Secretary to the Board of Governors

Miss Louise Carr - Minutes Secretary


Mrs J Thompson

Mrs K Nicholas

Mrs R Hart

Other important staff


Counselling 4 Youth

Child Protection Officer

Mrs Lynch or in her absence: Miss Carr, Mr Martin or Mr Loye

School Nurse

Mrs K Doran

Buildings and grounds supervisor

Mr K Cunningham