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St Louis Grammar

Art and Design

The new Department is placed over 2 bright, well equipped rooms. As a department we strive to develop the individual talents and creativity of all the students through the schemes of work and involvement in numerous external competitions. We include opportunities for students to experience a wide range of media, techniques and processes; including textiles, painting, print-making, mixed media, 3D sculpture and ICT. The schemes of work are designed to involve the students in a variety of experiences, including the school EcoSchool ethos, to enable them to develop knowledge, understanding and skills of the world of Art & Design and Creative Industries.

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Mrs J Grant - TIC of Art and Design, KS3-5
Mrs R Daley - KS3
Mrs M King - Technician

KS3 students also have the opportunity to develop their individual creative talents in Craft club which takes place at dinner times each week.

Yr8 scheme includes: working as a year group to create the mixed media school crest, exploring the Formal element using a variety of media, techniques and processes, exploring Typography and design, investigating the work of Georgia O’Keefe and Andy Goldsworthy 3D nature sculptures.

Yr9 scheme includes: Yr9 scheme includes: nature observations developing Pattern prints, Perspective, 3D Picasso Masks and Pop Art IT.

Yr10 scheme includes: experimental creative drawing, Careers in Art and Design, investigating the work of the Fauves creating artwork for the creative industry, costume design, 3D modelling and Animation.

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All students who have selected our subject for GCSE, GCE, AS and A2 Level are entered through the examining board CCEA.
Senior pupils can avail of a number of arranged educational trips to the Belfast Museum and Galleries. They have opportunities to further develop skills and knowledge within school workshops and visits from creative practitioners demonstrating their specialist skills.
They are prepared for higher education courses in a variety of Art & Design fields from talks by our past pupils.


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The CCEA GCSE Art and Design specification develops students’ understanding of how meanings, ideas and intentions can be communicated through visual and tactile language. Students learn how to use different media and technologies to realise their intentions. They develop their understanding of the creative and cultural industries, and refine their work through experimentation.

The specification has two components:
  • 60% - Component 1: Part A: Exploratory Portfolio
    Part B: Understanding the Creative and Cultural Industries
  • 40% - Component 2: Externally Set Assignment.

The CCEA GCE Art and Design specification develops in-depth knowledge and understanding of art and design through research and practical activities, intellectual capabilities, and independent approaches to learning. This specification is available at two levels: AS and A2. Students can take the AS units plus the A2 units for a full GCE A level qualification. They can also choose to take the AS course as a stand-alone qualification. In the AS units, students develop their creative process in response to a theme. They explore concepts, and develop knowledge, skills and techniques, including drawing. They present a portfolio and resolve their learning into a personal response. Students who continue to A2 undertake a more focused investigation based on a given theme. This takes the form of both written and practical investigations, which are followed by producing a resolved outcome, with more focus on written evaluations and a higher level of personal research and involvement, into the work of others and the connections with the work of other artists, craftsmen and designers.

The specification has four units:

  • Unit AS 1: Experimental Portfolio
  • Unit AS 2: Personal Response
  • Unit A2 1: Personal and Critical Investigation
  • Unit A2 2: Thematic Outcome


ASA2 Prospectus

Art & Design gives students opportunities to continue to develop their Cross-Curricular Skills, Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities. Art and Design requires students to develop key transferable skills such as creativity, innovation, higher order thinking skills and problem solving. It encourages students to find alternative approaches and take risks in their work. The creative industries are the fastest growing area of the economy and are vital to economic success. Studying art, craft and design creates a pathway to a career in a creative industry-related field.

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